The U.S.A Visa Lottery,Canada & Australia Visa and Lottery Application Information

This year (2018) Green Card Lottery Program is called DV-2019/20 (the year successful applicants may enter the United States of America on the green card they won) and is now open to all individuals worldwide who meet two basic entry requirements.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa is a lottery program administered by the United States (U.S.) government Department of State and conducted under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The American VISA Lottery application is limited, and it is conducted once a year. Only specified eligible countries and applicants are qualified to apply. What this means is that if your country of origin does not qualify for American VISA Lottery 2018/2019, you are automatically ineligible.

The diversity visas are distributed among six geographic regions. More visas are given to the regions that had lower rates of immigration. Also, if a particular country sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the U.S. within past five years, the citizens of that country are not eligible to participate in the green card lottery.
With each geographical region, no single country may receive more than seven percent (3,500) of the
available DVs in any one fiscal year.


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Currently, around 80% of the diversity visas are received by Africa and Europe.

Qualifying Education / Work Experience and Occupations

  • Check if you qualify
  • Register using a valid email address
  • Receive registration number and password to your account
  • Log into your account to complete/change your information
  • Provide/upload photos of yourself and any co-applicant
  • We will crop and resize your photos so that they meet the diversity visa lottery requirements
  • We will submit your complete and error-free application
  • Check online, if you won your Diversity Visa Green-Card
  • Winners are notified by the US Government by mail, and by email from us.


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USA Visa Lottery, Australia and Canada Visa Application

There are different kinds of VISA you can apply for apart from 2019/2020 U.S.A VISA Lottery. Your type of application will depend on your circumstances, country and your specified purpose. It is pertinent you do not focus only on how to apply for the 2018/2019 U.S.A VISA Lottery since it is limited as just a country offers such a service. However, in this post, we have also put some information about Australia and Canada Visa Application briefly for your information.

At the meantime, we recommend you may consider applying for any of the VISA above as we have
identified them as an alternative option to U.S.A VISA lottery 2019, but please note that it is not an
exhaustive list.

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